ReChurch 3 (John 13:1-17)

Hobbo HobsonHobbo Hobson, 15 February, 2015
Part of the Vision 2015 series, preached at a Sunday Night service

ReChurch – ReCommunity - As Dave challenged us over the last two weeks we have, both individually and as the church, been gifted with the ‘Good News’. But what do we do with that? To misquote Voltaire, “With great revelation comes great responsibility”. We WILL NOT keep this revelation of the paramount kingdom to ourselves. As you prepare for this message please read the first part of John 13 and consider the driving motivation that Jesus gives to his followers, a community shaping revolution for us in 2015.


About Hobbo Hobson: Mike 'Hobbo' Hobson is a pastor at SBC.
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