SBC provides a supportive environment for our young people that allows them room to experiment and grow to reach their God-given potential. This is achieved through mentoring and discipleship programs within our church with a number of our young people actively serving in leadership positions in the church.

We are very aware of the unique pressures of life for the 14-25 age group. We tackle the issues that are relevant to them now. We aim to provide an environment that allows them to spend time together growing in Jesus’ love, putting aside the pressures of the world to centre their lives around our leader, Jesus.

A highlight of our week is Sunday evening when many of the youth meet together at Church and spend time looking at and answering the big questions that life presents. Through this questioning and our time spent praying together we come closer to one another and closer to God. The following is a summary of our youth programs. For more information about our youth programs contact Sid Grindley.


High school home group 

One Year 9-12 group, led by TJ Lee and Tilly Downey, meets upstairs at the church on Tuesdays from 7:15pm during term time. For more information please contact Tilly Downey.


One80 Youth Program

One80 is for school years 7-10 and meets during term time on Fridays from 6-8pm, usually in the church hall. One80 is a fun time that includes exploring what it means and looks like to be in relationship with God. It is led by Sam Hawkins and a fantastic team of leaders. For more information about the One80 Youth Program contact Sam Hawkins.