Advocacy and Lobbying

As advocates for the global poor, we reach out and speak out to share God’s heart for justice and raise a powerful voice with and for people in impoverished communities around the world.

We continue to encourage our community and hold leaders accountable in securing a more just and merciful world.  We have creatively lobbied prime ministers, leaders of the opposition, local MPs and politicians in Canberra to do their fair share in alleviating global poverty and policy change, and to show that there is an alternative voice on refugees and asylum seekers.

We advocate and campaign for public and political change that addresses the root causes of poverty and injustice. Our advocacy in the community continues to focus on helping to educate our community on the issue of poverty and refugees and asylum seekers, inspiring hearts of compassion and providing opportunity for people to act on their innermost desire to make a different in the lives of others.

We are passionate about ensuring a fair and generous aid program. Our lobbying campaigns have focused on policy asks around more aid and more effective aid by prioritizing maternal and child health, and water, sanitation and hygiene.

We speak against the corruption, secrecy and tax dodging that robs the poorest communities and nations of the resources they need to fight poverty.

We are changing the conversation on climate change – so that all people and all of creation can thrive sustainably while respecting God-given planetary boundaries.

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