Social Justice at SBC

A passion for justice is a strong fibre running through the fabric of our church. Our hearts have been stirred and our eyes opened to the social injustice and inequalities in our world.

As followers of Jesus, and as agents of hope for the poor, we are committed to walking humbly with our God, prioritising mercy and justice. We believe that being advocates for the poor and marginalised  is central to our core mission as Christians.

We are excited to be part of a generation that has been called to bring an end to extreme poverty. We believe this is an achievable end if we walk with faith and vision, raise our voices to call for justice and spare no effort to see this vision become a reality.

We yearn to reflect the love of Jesus in our local community and to others around the world.  God grieves for those who are poor. We aim to see the world through His eyes and actively raise the awareness of the plight of the global poor in our community on the Northern Beaches, encouraging and empowering people to take personal action to alleviate global poverty.

Through our social justice program we partner with four agencies to enable us to deepen our understanding of God’s heart for the poor; deepen relationships within our church, our local community and the community of Manado in Indonesia.

You an find out more about these initiatives by clicking on the links below or contact our Social Justice Pastor, Vikki Howorth.

Church Partnership, Getsemani Baptist Church, Manado Indonesia

Advocacy and Lobbying

Manly-Manado Walk