The SBC Team

The team that serves SBC in ministry leadership roles are a mix of paid and volunteer workers. All of us are part-time at the church and some of us have other day jobs. We acknowledge that each of us has a limited number of gifts to be used for the benefit of the church, and for that reason we need to operate as a team and with teams. The following is some information about us:

Christine Redwood, Senior Pastor

Christine Redwood joins Seaforth
Baptist Church as Lead Pastor having previously
served as Associate Pastor at
Hornsby Baptist for six years. She
is actively involved in the Baptist
denomination serving on the
Assembly Council and the Public
Engagement Taskforce. Christine
loves studying and in her spare time is working towards her PhD. In 2010 she was the preaching intern for Morling College and now works as an adjunct lecturer. Outside of work she loves spending time with her nieces. Christine loves being creative and is passionate about films, theatre, writing, and most of all communicating God’s story with others.

Vikki Howorth, Justice Pastor

Vikki is married to Mike and is mum to Jasmin, Josh and India. Vikki’s underlying philosophy is to be a “voice for the voiceless”. Having worked in the public relations industry for many years, she is intent on using her experience to make a difference to those living in extreme poverty. Vikki works tirelessly to raise awareness of the issues surrounding global poverty and to inspire and encourage people to take personal action to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and help alleviate global poverty. Vikki is also a member of the Micah Steering Committee. To contact Vikki, click here.


Sam Hawkins, One80 Leader

Sam and a group of leaders lead the Friday night youth ministry for years 7-10 that meets during term time from 6:00-8:15pm. One80 is a community that provides a space to grow genuine relationships and encounter God. For more information about the One80 youth program contact Sam here.

Josh Lee, GoFish Leader

Josh leads the Friday afternoon ministry for primary school kids in years 5-6. Go Fish meet at the church from 3:30-5:30 each Friday during term time for an action packed couple of hours of games and a lesson from the bible. To contact Josh, click here

Cathy Wright, Administrator

CathyWrightCathy is a former Human Resources Manager who is now putting her efforts to ensuring that SBC administrative processes support the pastoral team in everything that God wants to do through them. To contact Cathy, click here.

David Clark, Church Secretary

ClarkDavid has a lifelong passion for the just economic development of people. Now retired David has worked with AusAID, the World Bank and served on the Board of Baptist World Aid Australia, including as its Chair. He believes that the Church has a continuing major role in keeping the needs of the poor and disadvantaged firmly on the agenda of our politicians and that the Church must lead by example.

David is proud of the democratic tradition of the Baptist Church where members and not clergy have the final say and sees his role as Secretary as enhancing that tradition. To contact David, click here.


Kieren Strain, Treasurer

Kieren has been a member of SBC since 2004. In that time he has served in Children’s Ministry, Home Group Leadership, Prayer Ministry, Special Services, Eldership and currently as Treasurer for the past two years.
The role of Treasurer has oversight for the church’s finances, which includes ensuring suppliers and staff are paid, accounts are kept current, banking is managed prudently, budget preparation and reporting to the church. Kieren is in role until May 2018. To contact Kieren, click here.


Our Elders

Elders Portrait 2Susan Packard

Susy Lee

Chris Brew

For more information about our elders see the 2015 Elders Biography.